High Efficiency Boilers


High Efficiency Boilers & Heating Controls

Boiler and Boiler Control upgrades (Oil or Gas). Most boilers over 5 years old are approximately 75% efficient. (Translated into € costs, this means that 25% of your fuel costs are expelled out through your boiler flue !). Why waste this heat. ? We provide a full package of upgrade and installation of the most modern condensing boilers operating in excess of 90% efficiency with a full suite of TRV flow control radiator valves and time clock programmers that control your by time and temperature in the most efficient zone control format. You decide the level of control that you are comfortable with, the most basic control being a 2-zone control unit separating your DHW (domestic hot water) from your CH (space central heating) and extending to any level of zone control.

Operating Efficiency

For the purposes of this scheme, high efficiency boilers are regarded as boilers with an efficiency of greater than 90%. This means that in excess of 90% of the fuel burned by the boiler will be converted to useful heat. The upper efficiency limit of most boilers installed prior to 2008 is approximately 78%, however it is likely that older boilers are running at significantly lower efficiencies than this.

Home-heating Appliance Register of Performance (HARP)

The HARP database is a product database for home-heating appliances that are used in Ireland. The database allows consumers to check the compliance of boilers against the Boiler Efficiency Directive and is also used as a resource in the boiler efficiency promotion campaign. Any boiler installed under the remit of the Home Energy Savings scheme must be approved on the SEAI HARP database or equivalent and have a seasonal efficiency of over 90%. The SEAI HARP database is available online at www.seai.ie.

Boiler Sizing

If you decide to install a new boiler, please be sure to ask your supplier about the boiler size (i.e. kW rating). An oversized boiler can be very wasteful of energy. If you have recently upgraded your insulation or glazing for example, a like for like replacement may not be the most suitable solution for you.

Our trusted partner

Fred Reid Plumbing carries out all our Boiler and Heating controls upgrade's as well as installing Solar Panels. Fred Reid Plumbing is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes scheme (reg no 14213).













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