About Us

About us

An introduction to SEIL and our services

Smart Energy Installations was founded by Angelo Marsella, with over 25 years in both the commercial and residential construction industry, he decided to use his expertise in response to a growing demand for a quality retrofitting service. Smart Energy Installations is defined by the quality of its service. We invest a great deal of time and effort in ensuring our quality of service to our clients is the fore in everything we do by:

  • Being proactively committed to sustainability and intelligent construction
  • Acting ethically in everything we do
  • Maintaining the highest standards of workmanship
  • Focusing on delivering the best possible solution for clients
  • Ensuring clear and concise communication with design team, site team, and client

Take a moment to consider your energy (heating & lighting) requirements in 5 years time. Fuel and Energy supplies are volatile and insecure. You can help yourself in addressing your needs by acting NOW.

Why Choose Smart Energy Installations.

S.E.I Ltd is a one-stop-shop for the supply and installation of energy efficient systems. Our philosophy is simple and straight-forward. By providing advice and installation of the most up-to-date standards for new builds and retrofitting insulation to your home envelope you start saving IMMEDIATELY by a significantly reduced reliance on fuels for your energy.

By insulating your home well then the cost of heating and maintaining the heat will be significantly reduced. Better Insulation-less fuel and less costs.

We provide a complete Start-to-Finish consultancy in helping you decide what best suits your budget and requirements. A member of our professional team will visit your home and offer advice on your current BER rating and how this rating can be significantly improved.

We also advise on best practice and on the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland) grant assistance schemes for the retrofitting of renewable energy solutions, Boiler & boiler control upgrades and retrofitting of insulation whether internal or external.

We are members of Enprova.

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