Roof Insulation

Whether spray-on inter rafter or insulation batts or rolls between the joists by upgrading to best practice standards you can conserve within your home, what would have been significant heat loss through your roof. This also applies to where you are considering upgrading your attic space into a habitable room or room for storage. We can provide a full attic insulation service to include 300mm insulation, water tank insulation, pipe insulation, Raised walkway for access to water tank and Attic hatch insulation. This will achieve a U value of 0.16 as required by SEAI for grant.

Rockwool Blown Loft Insulation

The quicker to install loft insulation for new and existing lofts

• Excellent thermal insulation
• Ideal for new and existing lofts (topping up)
• Quicker to install than conventional double layering of roll
• Improved sound insulation
• Approved Rockwool installers

Rockwool Blown Attic Insulation is today’s solution to meet the thermal regulations for both new-build and existing loft spaces. Installation is quicker than laying conventional roll insulation and creates minimum disturbance.

Description, performance and properties

Thermal Conductivity
Rockwool will not react with any metal components in the loft, nor will it cause loss of plasticizer from PVC cables and pipes.

Rockwool Blown Loft Insulation is a durable material.  When installed, it will not be afftected by normal ventilation within the loft space and will remain as an effective loft insulation for the life of the building.

Acoustic Performance
Rockwool Blown Loft Insulation can improve the sound insulation of a building.  300mm of Rockwool Blown Loft Insulation, with an isolated 12.5mm plasterboard ceiling, achieved > 50dB reduction in a tiled roof construction.

Design Details
It is essential that the Rockwool Blown Loft Insulation does not block the ventilation path from the eaves.  It is also desirable that the loft insulation links to the wall insulation.  The method of obtaining these two requirements will vary depending on building design and whether it is new-built or refurbishment.  The following suggestions are for guidance only and each individual building will require separate assessment.

Rockwool insulation relies on entrapped air for its thermal properties; air is not a VOC and it does not have Global Warming Potential (GWP) or Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP).







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