External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation Systems

E.T.I.C.S – External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems provide an eco friendly thermal efficient way to reduce heating bills and CO2 emissions. From the early 1960's External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems also called External wall insulation has been fitted to over 500 million square metres of buildings in Germany. In the last decade (E.T.I.C.S) has become an even more popular measure to improve the energy performance of facades in the residential and commercial market. Due to rising fuel costs and the favourable long term performance together with high thermal insulation quality and excellent driving rain protection are the reasons why (E.T.I.C.S) have become so popular in Central Europe.

10 Good Reasons to install External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems to your property

  • Up to 50% savings on your fuel bills
  • Up to €3600 Government Grant for this measure
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 2 tonne per year
  • Eliminate internal condensation
  • Low Maintenance Exterior
  • Reduce noise intrusion
  • Increase the aesthetics and value of your property
  • Minimal disruption to home occupants whilst installation is being carried out
  • Enhanced quality of living through a healthier indoor climate

All works are carried out by our fully qualified installation teams E.T.I.C.S will achieve a U-value of 0.26W/m2k which exceeds the Home Energy Saving scheme standard. The finished Monocouche render is self coloured and come in a variety of colours, Dry dash, or Wet dash finish and Acrylic finish are also available. See our showroom to view the vast range of colours and finishes to choose from.

External Wall Insulation Render

External insulation render systems involve  wrapping your walls in  thermal cladding boards and then rendering over the insulation boards to weatherproof them. These newly insulated solid walls now  keep far more of the heat in the home whilst protecting the structure from the degrading effects of the rain, frosts and also keep the internal walls cooler in the event of a hot summer !

Outside insulation comprises three basic elements and these are an exterior insulation board, an insulating render and a final decorative and weatherproof finish.


Living comfort

Enhanced quality of living through a healthier indoor climate!

Nice and warm in winter - and pleasantly cool in summer. External thermal insulation composite systems do not only reduce heating costs in winter, but keep the outer shell of the building from heating up in summer. A building without ETICS can easily develop an indoor temperature of 32 °C. A building with ETICS, however, will allow for 24 to 26 ° on very hot days – a reduction of 6 ° that can make all the difference when it comes to your living comfort.

Uninsulated outside walls are detrimental in three respects:

Heat escapes and money is being burned unnecessarily. The difference in temperature between cold walls and warm inside air allows for an uncomfortable draught in the rooms. Water easily condensates on the walls, which can lead to harmful mildew. (Water condensates when warm air meets cold surfaces, because cold air can absorb less water vapour.)

External Insulation Diagram




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